I began training in 2004 under the guidance of James Duggan Shihan. I have since achieved my Nidan in Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai. My favourite kata is Sanchin and I enjoy the challenge of kumite against great opponents like Shihan James and Sensei Kain.

Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi testing Glenn Stephenson Renshi with Shime

Ouch! Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi testing Glenn Stephenson Renshi Shihan’s Sanchin with shime. Shime tests the stances strength and posture in this case by checking that the lats are engaged which represents strength through the core.

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Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi Practicing Mokuso

Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi practicing #mokuso to warm up the mind before training hard at a #Seiwakai #karate seminar held in Brisbane in 2012.

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Kohai Chris Facing Off Against Shihan James in Brisbane

Kohai Chris facing off against Shihan James at the last Black Gi challenge. A combination of two karateka that can both deal and absorb massive amounts of energy. #karate #gojuryu #martialarts

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Thoughts on giving in

There is no shame in knowing when you are beaten. Just hope it is in training and that you get a second chance. You can always pick yourself up, dust yourself off and train harder for next time. All the best in your training #gojuryu #karate #martialarts

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A short quote on courage

“Courage is not the absence of fear: it is the ability to enter into the unknown despite it” #pressgram #quote #courage

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Karate Photo of the Day Challenge

Thank you to everyone that attended last Saturday’s grading at Annerley Dojo.

We encouraging everyone to enter our karate “Photo of the Day” challenge.
Simply upload your favourite photo’s from the grading on Facebook or Instagram and we will choose one winner on Sunday 23/6

Prize will include: 1 month free tuition (for the month of July)

To enter the challenge you have several options:

  • Upload straight to the Brisbane Goju Karate Facebook Page where Sempai Jay will highlight them on the page
  • Tag ‘Brisbane Goju Karate’ in your images (also remember to tag yourself or friends/family
  • Use the hashtag #brisbanegojukarate if uploading to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (now that hashtags work on Facebook

Good luck impressing us with your Karate Photo of the Day!

P.S Judges can be bribed with Rocky Road… kidding 😉

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New Karate Dojo in Brisbane

Brisbane Goju Karate will be relocating the Norman Park Dojo at the end of May.

After almost 11 years at ‘Active Life Fitness’ Brisbane Goju Karate has secured a larger training area at Norman Park State School, including an additional night at our current Morningside Hall.New class schedules below commence Monday 3rd of June.

Norman Park State School 68 Agnew St, Norman Park (one street away from the gym)-
Adults- Thursday – 7:00-8:30pm

Morningside School of Arts Cnr Wynnum & Thynne Road Morningside –
Kids- Tuesday & Thursday – 5:15-6:30
Adults- Monday – 7:30-9:00
Tuesday – 7:00-8:30

Annerley- Junction Park State School 50 Waldheim st-
Kids- Monday & Wednesday – 5:30-6:30
Adults- Monday & Wednesday – 6:30-8:30

Updates will be made to the website over the next week so for new students joining us please disregard the timetable and reference this one in case those changes don’t get made straight away 🙂

5 Apps for Biohacker Beginners

If you are like me, you probably have about a hundred apps on your iPhone that do everything from ordering espresso to syncing important files and finding movie times. Whilst some apps are complete time wasters, no one can argue that today’s modern technology gives us the ability to quantify our health like never before. Here are my top 5 apps for Biohacker Beginners that you could find right now on my iPhone.


Heart Rate by Azumio

This is a great app that I stumbled upon that takes your heart rate using the pulse oximeter methodology. I have used it to track my resting heart rate over time and also to measure my heart rate after eating food to see if I am getting any underlying allergic responses. A recent update has also seen heart rate monitoring using your camera to see blood fluctuations in your face and Azumio is also upgrading to measure fatigue through sitting to standing heart rate variability.

Tactio Health Weight Tracker App

The best app that I have tried for recording weight due to its intuitive user interface (UI). A tip though, only use the free version for weight tracking. The paid version has all sorts of other things such as tracking cholesterol, BMI and body fat and you won’t use 90% of them or it is a useless biomarker (BMI for example is a waste of time).

Stronglifts 5×5 by Stronglifts.com

When I was building strength and using the Stronglifts 5×5 program I found this app extremely useful. It has been well designed, looks great and makes strength tracking effortless. I used it over a 26 week period and increased my Squats from 100kg to 140kg, Bench Press from 60kg to 97.5kg, Overhead Press from 30kg to 65kg, Barbell Row from 40kg to 75kg and Deadlift from 100kg to 160kg. Obviously it is for the Biohacker that is giving the Stronglifts program a try.

Relax Melodies by Ipnos Soft

Sleep is super important and this app will play background sounds using a soundboard with hundreds of combinations. Useful if you are having difficulties falling asleep or have to put up with background noise such as traffic or repetitive sounds like tapping or dripping.

Google Drive

Useful for its cloud based spreadsheets. All these apps for Biohacker beginners above are great if they have a tool such as measuring heart rate etc but for general number capturing and crunching you have to get it into a spreadsheet. Google Drive is able to be synced to your iDevices or viewed in your browser such as Google Chrome.

If you have any other apps Biohacker beginners that you are finding useful for quantifying health or performance please share them in the comments section below. This is purely a beginners look as these were the apps that I started using myself when I wanted to quantify my health and performance.

Health Food Shopping in Australia

We’ve all been there, health food shopping turns into standing in an aisle at Woolworths or Coles looking at the exhaustive selection of eggs, butter and bacon (yes, if you haven’t figured out the truth about saturated fats yet you are scratching your head) wondering ‘which one of these products fits my health food requirements’? I am going to be honest here, I have been standing at the DFO Woolworths for up to 15 minutes trying to decipher which can of tuna has the most economical amount of protein per dollar (hint: you gotta take the water into consideration), best ingredients (or lack of them) and which one has olive oil instead of vegetable oil added. Not to mention whether the can is laden with BPA ridden plastic. This is all an establishment period that, once you find that trusty brand (can it really be trustworthy based on what you could read on a label), you tend to stick with it until the better product comes along. Yes we could go fresh but this is the modern era and we need some sort of convenience to keep the stress levels down.

So in saying all this, we are all collecting our list of health food shopping ‘go-to’ products. I have started a page on our forum for sharing your health food shopping list where we can share those products that really hit the spot when it comes to optimising performance and voting with our dollars.

A Taste of My Health Food Shopping List

To get everyone thinking, these are the products that I tend to go to when navigating Woolworths or any other grocery store I find myself stuck in when my fast starts to turn to devilish hunger. Oh, also a word of advice, if you don’t have your ‘go to’ products, that quick trip to Woolies or Coles for something you have no idea about, you are going to be walking out with CRAP.

–   John West ‘no drain’ tuna chunks with a little olive oil (130gram tin)

–   Westgold New Zealand Butter (Unsalted and Salted (for coffee))

–   Macro Organic Shredded Coconut

–   Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate (100g)

–   Certified Organic Coconut Oil from Spiral Foods (at $20/litre its a bit pricey but its good when you are short on bulk oil)

–  Eggs… the chicken lady at work. I don’t even know where to start with eggs, just don’t get them from the grocery store if you can help it. I know the grains aren’t a huge issue as the chicken has to filter the bad stuff out so the chicken it is trying to make doesn’t come out messed up…but still, eggs need to laid by chicken’s that are running around chickening it up!

Health Food Shopping

Grass Fed Butter in Australia

For the modern personal health enthusiast, looking for grass fed butter in Australia can seem almost impossible at first. Let’s make it simple:

Westgold Butter is stocked at most grocery stores (Woolworths, Coles, IGA etc) and is a grass fed source of butter from New Zealand.

There you have it, no need to trawl the forums, or post your question on social media only to have people tell you that you should be eating margarine. If you have stumbled across this post and wondering why so many people are turning towards grass fed butter in Australia for health purposes then you may be scratching your head. Conventional wisdom has made the general public believe that butter, due to its high saturated fat content, is going to raise your cholesterol levels and give you atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

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