Paleo Kale Shake Recipe with Blueberries

Today, whilst my wife and I were out at the Eagle Farm Markets and buying awesome fresh fruits and vegies I bumped into this pile of freshly picked Kale. Now if you have never heard of Kale it is a form of cabbage and is a bit of a super star in the Paleo community. Sometimes you will hear the argument “If you eat Paleo then how do you get your calcium…?” (usually  because the milk industry have been pretty successful informing the world about how milk is the best source of calcium for you diet and is a great way of making your bowl of wheat and grains (cereal) in the morning more edible. Anyway, I digress. Green leafy vegetables such as Kale are great sources of calcium. So with this in mind, I thought, “Hey! There’s Kale, and woah, its only $2 a bunch, sweet, time to give the paleo kale shake recipe a go today”. I also picked up two steaks of awesome premium grass fed black angus rump at the Eagle Farm Markets for $10 which is super awesome value if you ask me! I just can’t get over how good the produce is at the markets and you pay so much less than at Woolies and Coles. [Read more…]

Best Farmers Markets in Brisbane

We all know how much fun it is to go to the Farmers Markets with your family on an early Saturday morning. It is a great way to start the weekend with an early rise, some walking and finding cool new products that you normally wouldn’t find in your typical Woolworths or Coles. But did you know that buying from your local Farmers Market has many more benefits then just variety in our products and a fun morning for the family?

Typically buying  from a Farmers Market also gives you the benefits of better quality products, sourced from local materials and supporting people who are managing their own family business. In the world of Paleo we love the idea of products being sourced locally as it represents the true economics of how we live. Importing products from other countries such as food degrades the quality or requires preservatives to reduce the chances of the product spoiling. This also creates situations where poor quality standards reduce the cost of producing food and forces local farmers to do things such as feed their cattle grains to keep up with the market price. Take a look at this story in America where one farmer is now feeding his cattle candy because it is cheaper than corn even though corn is highly subsidised. Was there ever anything wrong with cows eating grass? Moo!

There are many benefits to buying from your local farmers market. So let’s see which one’s we have available in Brisbane in our Top 3 Best Farmers Market countdown.

Top 3 Best Farmers Markets in Brisbane

Brisbane Markets at Rocklea

Leading the way is the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea. A great time to visit these markets are on a Saturday morning where the place is buzzing with people looking for great quality locally sourced fruits, vegetables and meats. The prices are always competitive and you know that every dollar spent is going straight into the pockets of a local producer and supporting the farms in the Greater Brisbane Region. Personally, I have seen 500g bags of natural almonds go for as low as $5 when you can easily pay up to $11 in your local Woolworths.

When: Saturday, 6:00am – 12:00pm

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Davies Park Market West End

Next up we have the Davies Part Market West End where you are gauranteed to find local organic products possibly from the person that has sourced it from the local vegie patch around the corner. We all know that West End leads the way in all things local and organic.

When: Saturday, 6:00am – 2:00pm

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Jan Powers Farmers Market Brisbane City

Hugely popular but sometimes difficult to get there if you are in the ‘burbs. The Jan Power’s Farmers Markets get huge credits for occurring every Wednesday to service the entire Brisbane CBD of city folk in town for work. Now you may not find yourself wandering around for hours on end due to the smaller size of the markets but you are sure to find the staples of your requirements and something different to take home and check out.

When: Wednesday, 10:00am – 10:00pm

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What is your favourite Farmers Market in Brisbane? Please comment below so that more people can get involved and support the local farmers in Brisbane.

What Is the Paleo Diet?

I have written the following posts for those soon-to-be Paleo folk that have only just now stumbled out of their cave and have started hearing about this Paleo Diet. You may be a little overweight from your time in hibernation, completely broken from years harnessing your addiction to food or maybe you are an already fit person but looking to tweak your diet and become the fastest and strongest that you have ever been.

What is the Paleo Diet Anyway?

In short, the Paleo Diet is not a diet, but a lifestyle that aims to emulate the best things that made our hunter gatherer ancestors strong, lean and healthy. This generally starts as a diet but quickly encompasses other lifestyle factors such as exercise, sleep and  how we use technology.

From a diet perspective this means eating the foods that were available to our caveman ancestors around 10,000 years ago. These included meat, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruit. What the Paleo Diet aims to limit is wheat, grains, legumes (beans, peas etc), dairy and processed foods. The Paleo Diet can be pigeon-holed as a high fat, medium protein and low carbohydrate diet but this all depends on your goals as an individual and your level of activity

Why Should I Follow the Paleo Diet?

There is a saying that “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution – Christian Theodosius Dobzhansky”. In your own experience you should be able to reflect back throughout your life or even reflect on the life of your parents or grandparents and easily see how the food we eat, the way we sleep and the way we exercise has changed dramatically. Whether this looks like increased sugar consumption, greater reliance on wheat and grains, sleeping shorter hours, watching tv or reading on the iPad before bed, looking at our computer screens all day. Whatever it is, it has changed from the natural way that humans have evolved over 2 million years and it is impacting our health and lifestyle. This impact can be as increased weight gain, increased stress or greater susectibility to diseases such as Diabetes, Alzeimers, Parkinsons and Auto Immume diseases.

Where Can I go to Learn More?

The Paleo Diet was started by Dr Loren Cordain and has been refined by Robb Wolf. Another diet following this template includes the Primal BluePrint by Mark Sisson.