Jamie Duggan


Master Teacher


6th Dan, Goju Ryu Karate Do Seiwakai 2015

6th Dan, Japan Karate Do Federation Goju Kai – 2016


Jamie Duggan Shihan has an extensive martial arts career that began thirty years ago. He had a vision of applying karate to the fighting arena, which took him from karate tournaments in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and led him to a fighting career of full contact TSK, kickboxing and boxing bouts both in Australia and Thailand.

In 2002 Jamie Duggan Shihan established Brisbane Goju Karate, and aims to further develop the finer aspects of Goju Ryu through the Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai organisation.

In 2015 Shihan Jamie travelled to Japan to attempt the 6th dan black belt grading held at the Seiwakai Honbu dojo in Omagari. It takes up to 25 years of training at the highest level to be given the opportunity to attempt this grading. Success at this level represents recognition of competence from the global organisation that controls Goju Ryu Karate Do Seiwakai. Jamie Duggan Shihan was not only successful in the grading, but recognition of his extensive knowledge, capability and dedication to perfection was abundant.

Travelling to Japan includes countless hours of training with the highest ranked karateka worldwide and gives the opportunity for the karateka to demonstrate their abilities alongside other students from all regions of the world. Jamie Duggan Shihan freely passes this vital information on to all students of Brisbane Goju Karate to ensure that students are exposed to the most modern and effective techniques that are being developed in the heart of the karate community.


Jamie Duggan Shihan has produced countless martial artists through his disciplined, structured and consistent teaching style.

Jamie Duggan Shihan’s greatest strength is his ability to inspire his students.

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