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National Goju Karate

590 Wynnum Road

Phone: 0455 55 44 96

Our martial arts Morningside dojo is located inside the Morningside School of Arts. The entrance for parking is located opposite the Subway. You can easily identify it due to its large size and heritage design. It makes for a great karate dojo that allows parents or spectators to sit and watch the students train and has beautifully aged wooden floorboards inside.

Onsite and street parking is available and the Morningside Train Station is a short 2 minute walk away.

Jamie Duggan Shihan is the instructor at the Morningside martial arts dojo. Jamie Shihan has achieved the rank of 6th Dan in Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai and is recognised as a  6th Dan in the Japanese Karatedo Federation Goju Kai.

Jamie Shihan can be contacted directly via email at

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