Wollongong Goju Ryu Karate Camp 2012

Students of Brisbane Goju Karate are invited to attend the Goju Ryu Karate Camp Summer Gasshuku held in Wollongong, New South Wales this November. We have always had a great turnout each year by our senior students and black belts and wish to extend the invitation to all students this year. The Summer Gasshuku gives you the opportunity to hone your martial arts skills through Goju Ryu Karate seminars across the entire training weekend. These seminars are suitable for students of all ages and are regularly attended by the children in New South Wales. So if you are willing to travel with your children please do not hesitate to get involved.

The karate training seminar will include kihon, kumite and kata and there will be plenty of socialising between sessions and at dinner each night. So if you haven’t been to Wollongong and want to give it a try this year then don’t hesitate to let us know at training. We will be organising accommodation and need to finalise numbers as soon as possible to ensure beds are secured.

A PDF with additional information provided by Glenn Stephenson Shihan is attached. Please print, complete and submit the form to attend the Summer Gasshuku.


Download the Registration form at Wollongong Karate Camp 2012.

PRESENTS 2012 Summer Gasshuku (extended training camp)
2nd to 4th November 2012

at Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort
Pioneer Road, Fairy Meadow NSW 2519
+61 2 4283 6999

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Course Accommodation
Book your own accommodation early to avoid disappointment


(NOTE: you must pay $100 Deposit to secure Unit)

Beachfront resort. Free facilities include indoor swimming pool, steam room, spa and children’s playground.
Self contained units ( 4 – 7 people ). Compulsory key deposit of $20 (open check out will be refunded).


Powered campsites also available .
Units are being held for the course unit end August 2012. Don’t delay in reserving your accommodation as it will be fully booked before the course

Karate Seminar Timetable

  • Beach Training / Fun Run
  • Kata Training
  • Kumite Training
  • Weapon Training
  • Dinner – Pub across the road great affordable meals / children’s play area or organise BBQ we are open to suggestions from Parents and supporters
  • Award Presentations

6.00 – 8.30 PM Register In and Training
Welcoming . Brief run down on rules and schedule of the weekend

6.30 -8.00 AM Beach training and fun run (short / t-shirts ) towel to dry off (Gi for Picture on beach)
9.00 – 12 noon Training (Kihon and Kata) 2.00- 4.00 pm (Kumite Drills) Training
4:00 to 6:00 pm Dan Grading 6:00– 8.00pm (Kihon and Kata) Training

6.30 -8.00 AM Beach training and fun run (short / t-shirts ) towel to dry off
9.00-12:00 noon Training (Kihon and Kata) 1:00 to 3:00 pm Small Kata Tournament & Overview
(please note this is a guide and may run out of order if organiser see fit).

Keep an eye on www.karateacademy.com.au for detailed profiles of course instructors, as well as updates on course details, tournaments and participants.

Download the Registration form at Wollongong Karate Camp 2012.

Nidan Grading Part 2

Waking up early Saturday morning on the 11th of November, 2011, James Duggan Shihan took myself and Andrew (along with other students attempting gradings) to the seminar hall for some early morning Sanchin and Tencho training. In hindsight this was probably one of my most productive sessions not only to improve on some marginal changes that I required but also to prepare mentally for the grading that was to occur that afternoon.

The biggest change I had to deal with in my Sanchin kata was standing off centre in my sanchin stance. What I mean by this is that I was leaning back into my rear leg throughout the stance which was putting my weight distribution back too far. I had previously corrected this in my top half of my body by straightening my back but inevitably, when one problem is corrected you have to be cautious of other problems occurring. In this case it was sitting back into my stance, similar to slouching in your chair whilst driving a car or sitting in an office chair. But as always, just having Jamie Shihan there to take a look and give some feedback allowed me to at least give this a go at correcting in time for the grading. We also focused a lot on Tencho and finalising a few points in the breathing.

Later in the day, aft completing some of the standard sessions through the seminar, Glenn Stephenson Shihan (our head instructor for Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia) took us through Seiunchin kata. This was intense as Glenn Shihan had very high expectations for us throughout this session. At one stage I recall the quote of the day being “This is Goju Ryu not kan ga roo”, referring to someone who was executing a yori ashi dachi by hopping onto the front foot instead of pushing from the rear and creating drive in the technique. All in all, it was another great session to prepare for the grading.

Let’s skip ahead now to the grading as I have delayed this way too long already (first post being back in November).


So after all this, I found out that evening that both Andrew and I passed our Nidan grading which made me extremely happy. I was also very happy that the grading was brought forward to Saturday afternoon (it was originally scheduled for Sunday afternoon) so I was able to have a few celebratory drinks and enjoy the Sunday a bit more without freaking out about the grading.

Nidan Grading Part 1

Before I start this post, I want to introduce my partner in crime through this karate journey, Andrew Kerridge Skinner, who started karate with me back in 2005 after moving to Brisbane from Hervey Bay, Queensland. Anyone that is close to me inevitably knows who Skinner is. We have been training together since that faithful night (for another post) when we met James Duggan Shihan and Kain Johnson Sensei and was taught more then a thing or two about physical and mental toughness.

So fast forward. What a month it has been! That is about all I can muster to sum up all that extra training, mental preparation and just overall karate ‘ness’ that is required when making that final climb towards your grading.

On Friday, 10th November Andrew and I along with James Duggan Shihan, Kain Johnson Sensei and most of the other senior students of Brisbane Goju Karate started the usual scurry to get everybody over to Jamie Shihan’s house and get over to the airport.

No time for coffee’s. Let’s just get in there, get to Sydney, take a train down to the ‘Gong’ and get started on this epic weekend. Late that afternoon we arrived in Wollongong for the first session of the Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai Annual Wollongong Camp for 2011. It was great catching up with all the students from around Australia and getting down to our karate business.

On the first night we got straight into kata with Glenn Stephenson Shihan taking us through both Sanchin kata and Tencho Kata, the pillars of Goju Ryu.  Jamie Shihan then took the group through kumite drills focussing on owning space and projecting energy. All the while I was thinking about the posts on this blog and the mental tips I had given myself leading up to this weekend. Trying to reflect on my own advice and putting it into action. In the end, a great high energy night with well over 100 students involved.

If there was one thing I could take out of the night, throughout the kumite drills, was the importance of Soto Uke blocking as the lead to any of the standard Jodan, Chudan or Gedan blocking. So this is a little reminder to myself to do a post on this down the track as it was quite evident that this basic technique required some explanation.

Part 2 will focus on the rest of the seminar at Wollongong which includes final preparation for the grading with Seiunchin kata training with Glenn Stephenson Shihan and the nidan grading itself which was completed late Saturday evening.

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