The First Step

Welcome to Black Belt Lessons. I have made the leap and decided to start this blog to record various karate and martial arts lessons from training under Shihan James Duggan and Kain Johnson Sensei.

First of all I will introduce myself. My name is Jay Killeen and I am a 1st Dan at Brisbane Goju Karate in Brisbane, Australia. We train in Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai under the Karate Academy of Japan and our head instructor for Australia is Glenn Stephenson Shihan.

I started my journey in karate in January 2005 after I moved to Brisbane and was doing some undergraduate study at Griffth University.

I originally started because, being a university student, you tend to spend a lot of your time between study and lectures partying and drinking. Needless to say, after spending enough time lurking between bars in Fortitude Valley I decided I should get some self defence skills in case something bad was to happen.

It is now 6 years later and I am in my final stages of training before attempting my Nidan (2nd Dan) Grading in Goju Ryu.

During the years there have been countless times during class that James Duggan Shihan has said something that has stirred my thoughts and I have made the conscious effort to ‘make sure I remember that’ then strangely enough 2 weeks later I am making the same mistake or not taking some concept into consideration.

This blog aims to document those thoughts, lessons and little journey’s that our class takes to make it easier for new students to our dojo to learn. As a reader of this blog I hope that you too can find the lessons to be helpful or give you an extra element to think about and hopefully add to your own journey.

So without any hesitation, at all, here we go.

About Jay Killeen

I began training in 2004 under the guidance of James Duggan Shihan. I have since achieved my Nidan in Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai. My favourite kata is Sanchin and I enjoy the challenge of kumite against great opponents.


  1. Hello Jay

    Thanks for starting your blog!

    I am an 8th kyu Goju Ryu karate-ka with ambitions to be a blackbelt one day, so I am really excited to hear about your thoughts and lessons on your way to Nidan.

    Happy blogging!


  2. Hi Charlie!

    Thanks for your support and all the best in your journey to black belt as well. I’ll be sure to share some of my stories and things that I have learnt while on my way through the kyu ranks.

    Also let the record show you were the first student in the dojo 😉

  3. Brian and Leonie says:

    Hi Jay – look forward to reading about your thoughts and Karate journey – M & D

  4. Jay you are one incredible person, I’m Iooking forward to track your progress and your continual growth. Eyes have been watching you from near and far Remember “What is once well done is done forever”

  5. Hey Jay,

    I’m a 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do closing in on my 2nd Dan test too. Good Luck!

  6. Great post. Really informative about martial arts! Thumbs up for sharing!!

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