The Stampede Brisbane

The Stampede Brisbane is more than just a race, The Stampede is an epic challenge that will push you to your limits. – Brisbane Stampede 8 September 2012


The Stampede Brisbane

In a true battle to test our martial arts endurance, strength and power Brisbane Goju Karate will be competing in this years The Stampede Brisbane event.

They say it’s more than just a race and that’s because your favourite karateka martial artists (sorry Chuck Norris couldn’t handle us) will be there. Lead by the muscle mountain Kain Johnson Sensei, our instructors and daring students will be running rampant in some sensational Team Nemesis t-shirts (designed and printed by the one and only Michelle Gane Sempai).

If you want to get involved in The Stampede Brisbane, and the more the merrier, please get in contact with Kain Johnson Sensei. There are only days left before you can get among it for what will surely be more fun then going 20 rounds in an end of year bash!

Email Sensei at or visit The Stampede Brisbane website for more information.

Participants in the Stampede Brisbane completed by Brisbane Goju Karate martial arts students and instructors

Participants in the Stampede Brisbane completed by Brisbane Goju Karate martial arts students and instructors

End of Year Bash 2011

End of Year Bash is like Christmas Day for the karateka at Brisbane Goju Karate. It is the yearly event where we all come together to share gifts of punching and kicking. While it is guaranteed to be an enduring day fraught with bumps and bruises it never fails to put a smile on our faces. The End of Year Bash, or Party in the Park for the kids karate students, always puts a smile on your face and sometimes a blood stain on your gi.

All karate students across Brisbane are welcome to come along and join in the Brisbane Goju Karate End of Year Bash so keep this blog bookmarked for more information about the End of Year Bash 2012!

End of Year Bash Highlights for 2011

2011 saw the first year that Gladiator Cam was introduced to capture all those gut smacking and ear clipping kicks and punches. Enjoy the highlights reel below and don’t forget to leave a comment or two at the bottom sharing your favourite moments from the End of Year Bash 2011.

Sempai Jay Vs. Sempei Andrew


Shihan James Vs. Sensei Kain


Sempai Jay Vs. Sensei Kain


Sempai Rod Vs. Shihan James


Sempai Andrew Vs. Shihan James


Sempai Guy Vs. Sempai Rod


Sempai Rod Vs. Macca

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