Karate Training Equipment

When starting training at Brisbane Goju Karate beginners are required to wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for working out or going to the gym. Once a student has trained long enough to decide whether karate is a good fit for them then they are able to purchase karate training equipment from Brisbane Goju Karate.

Equipment for beginners includes the karate gi and obi (outfit and belt). All beginner students start out as a 10th kyu (white belt) which indicates to other students that they are a beginner and still learning basic skills and techniques.

Once a karateka (student of karate) achieves the rank of 9th Kyu (yellow belt) they will begin participating occasionally in kumite and rotective equipment will be required.

The Karate Gi (Outfit)

The karate gi is an extremely durable two piece white canvas outfit worn during karate training and classes to add resistance and weight to the karateka.

The karate gi is available in cotton for children so that it is more cost effective and is suitable as less durability is required for the child karateka.


The Karate Obi (Belt)

The karate obi is a belt worn around the waist to hold the karate gi together and also used to determine the order of rank within a class.

In karate training students are often separated in accordance with their rank in order to teach skills and techniques that are appropriate to that group of students. Karate belt ranks are white, yellow, green, brown and black.


​Karate Protective Equipment

Protective equipment is used by students to increase safety during kumite (sparring or fighting).

Protective equipment used by Brisbane Goju Karate include mouth guards, hand mits and shin guards. These are kept in the students training bag throughout class until required. During tournaments groin protection is also required.

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