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Karate New Years ResolutionMake Learning Karate Your New Year’s Resolution Brisbane!

I remember when I started karate training back in 2005. I had stopped playing soccer due to an injury and had been inactive for a couple of months. This topped with an over indulgence over the Christmas period and I was feeling pretty flat (energetically, not physically). This lead to my New Year’s Resolution to start karate training.

I was share housing at the time while studying at Griffith University and asked one of my mates if they would be interested in joining a karate club that I had found in Norman Park at the Active Life Fitness Centre. Since we had done everything together from a young age he was as keen as I.

Now reflecting back on that day, I find that it would be unreasonable not to think that a lot of people would have gone through that same martial arts New Years Resolution in Brisbane. If you find yourself wandering down the same path that I did then you have to read these 5 top tips for keeping your New Years Resolution of becoming a black belt in karate or martial arts in Brisbane.

1. Stop Thinking about Starting Karate

No… I don’t mean stop and never start. You need to get out there and give it a try. It may seem simple but a lot of people (including myself!) love the idea of starting something new and can see all the positive benefits but never actually go out and give it a shot. The best thing you can do is to find a local dojo and turn up for a class to see what it is like. You might find that it is everything you imagined or you could find it is not for you. Either way you can embark on an amazing journey or put the idea to rest and find something else that suits you.

2. Involve Your Friends

If you have set a goal in life, like wanting to learn self defence or becoming a black belt in karate, then you have a significantly higher chance of reaching that goal if you talk to someone about it. This makes you accountable to somebody else besides yourself. We all know how easy it is to justify to ourselves why we aren’t at the gym or out running. Better yet, find a friend who wants to join with you because you just can’t fool your friend when you don’t show up to your new karate class to train with them. This will be a great helper in getting you to start but also continue training and you will also find you will become a lot closer to that person once you have done a few kumite sparring sessions with them.

3. Bring the Kids Along

If you have kids they may also be interested in starting a class. If they aren’t interested then just sit them down to a screening of the Karate Kid (the original one ofcourse) and you will have them converted over night. A handy hint as well is that Mr Miyagi in the movie (as portrayed by Pat Morita) is a direct reference to the founder of Goju Ryu Karate Chojun Miyagi  Either way, if your children are just as excited as you about training and feeling the same benefits that you are then it will keep you motivated to keep going. Children are also more likely to utilise the skills in their day to day lives as they deal with bullies and being teased throughout school. You might find that it will help for the whole family to build confidence and be able to handle confrontations more easily.

4. Don’t Stop Once You’ve Started

I remember my first month of training and how much I hated walking/crawling up the stairs to get through the front door. Karate is an amazing physical workout and we advise all first timers to take it easy for the first couple of weeks as their bodies cope with the intensity of karate and self defence training. Mind you, the incredible feeling of all your muscles aching gives you that evidence that what you are doing is working and that you will soon reach those short term weigh lose goals and get a fitter more toned body.

5. Enjoy the Learning Experience

The first few classes can be daunting when the instructors are speaking commands in Japanese and everyone around you looks like they know what they are doing and you do not. We totally understand when we teach you so just enjoy yourself and know that we are there to help and will answer any questions you have. It can also be frustrating at times being taught something new, especially if you don’t pick it up straight away (not all of us are as gifted as our Sempai’s). Just remember that practice makes perfect. In my personal experience (now one of those gifted Sempai’s) I found it took around 6 months even for my body to get to the level of fitness required to start nailing all those extra techniques and combinations.

About Jay Killeen

I began training in 2004 under the guidance of James Duggan Shihan. I have since achieved my Nidan in Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai. My favourite kata is Sanchin and I enjoy the challenge of kumite against great opponents.

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