Paleo Kale Shake Recipe with Blueberries

Today, whilst my wife and I were out at the Eagle Farm Markets and buying awesome fresh fruits and vegies I bumped into this pile of freshly picked Kale. Now if you have never heard of Kale it is a form of cabbage and is a bit of a super star in the Paleo community. Sometimes you will hear the argument “If you eat Paleo then how do you get your calcium…?” (usually  because the milk industry have been pretty successful informing the world about how milk is the best source of calcium for you diet and is a great way of making your bowl of wheat and grains (cereal) in the morning more edible. Anyway, I digress. Green leafy vegetables such as Kale are great sources of calcium. So with this in mind, I thought, “Hey! There’s Kale, and woah, its only $2 a bunch, sweet, time to give the paleo kale shake recipe a go today”. I also picked up two steaks of awesome premium grass fed black angus rump at the Eagle Farm Markets for $10 which is super awesome value if you ask me! I just can’t get over how good the produce is at the markets and you pay so much less than at Woolies and Coles.

Paleo Kale Shake Recipe

100g Kale (remove the stalks)

100g Fresh Blueberries (add frozen blueberries for a colder shake)

100ml water (or ice cubes and water to improve consistency so it blends properly)

This is the bases for the paleo kale shake recipe. You can add eggs for extra protein but try to limit adding additional fruits as the carbohydrate content can dramatically increase. You might also like to add stevia as the blueberries are not that sweet but I tend to avoid stevia due to Food Reward Debate.

Paleo Kale Shake Recipe

Nutritional value

Kale – 50 Calories including 10g carbohydrates

Blueberries – 57 Calories including 14g carbohydrates

High in Vitamins K, A and C and high in minerals Calcium and Potassium.

Try the Paleo Kale Shake Recipe as an after workout shake by including some natural whey protein isolate (WPI) if you are happy to include powders in your diet or alternatively add an egg for some extra protein.


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