Health Food Shopping in Australia

We’ve all been there, health food shopping turns into standing in an aisle at Woolworths or Coles looking at the exhaustive selection of eggs, butter and bacon (yes, if you haven’t figured out the truth about saturated fats yet you are scratching your head) wondering ‘which one of these products fits my health food requirements’? I am going to be honest here, I have been standing at the DFO Woolworths for up to 15 minutes trying to decipher which can of tuna has the most economical amount of protein per dollar (hint: you gotta take the water into consideration), best ingredients (or lack of them) and which one has olive oil instead of vegetable oil added. Not to mention whether the can is laden with BPA ridden plastic. This is all an establishment period that, once you find that trusty brand (can it really be trustworthy based on what you could read on a label), you tend to stick with it until the better product comes along. Yes we could go fresh but this is the modern era and we need some sort of convenience to keep the stress levels down.

So in saying all this, we are all collecting our list of health food shopping ‘go-to’ products. I have started a page on our forum for sharing your health food shopping list where we can share those products that really hit the spot when it comes to optimising performance and voting with our dollars.

A Taste of My Health Food Shopping List

To get everyone thinking, these are the products that I tend to go to when navigating Woolworths or any other grocery store I find myself stuck in when my fast starts to turn to devilish hunger. Oh, also a word of advice, if you don’t have your ‘go to’ products, that quick trip to Woolies or Coles for something you have no idea about, you are going to be walking out with CRAP.

–   John West ‘no drain’ tuna chunks with a little olive oil (130gram tin)

–   Westgold New Zealand Butter (Unsalted and Salted (for coffee))

–   Macro Organic Shredded Coconut

–   Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate (100g)

–   Certified Organic Coconut Oil from Spiral Foods (at $20/litre its a bit pricey but its good when you are short on bulk oil)

–  Eggs… the chicken lady at work. I don’t even know where to start with eggs, just don’t get them from the grocery store if you can help it. I know the grains aren’t a huge issue as the chicken has to filter the bad stuff out so the chicken it is trying to make doesn’t come out messed up…but still, eggs need to laid by chicken’s that are running around chickening it up!

Health Food Shopping

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