The Purpose of Karate

This is straight from the Nemesis Dojos martial arts handbook and written by James Duggan Shihan.

The definition of ‘purpose’ in the World Book dictionary is

“Something one has in mind to get or do; plan; aim; intention”.

Each student arrives at the karate dojo with a particular purpose of karate in mind, either to get/keep fit, learn self defence, or perhaps to develop greater sense of personal awareness and confidence. Whatever the reason, there is usually a path within karate for them to achieve that goal.

Learning any skills should be an adventure and, as with any real adventure, there can be barriers, pitfalls and difficulties along the way. In Karate do the greatest opponent you will ever confront is yourself and your own fears.

The best weapon against the enemy of failure is to establish a particular purpose for Karate do and keep it firmly in mind at all times.

Your progression through Karate do will depend on your determination and persistence. These attributes will come into play in both your training and in your day-to-day life. Eventually you cease to be an opponent and become more a player in the game.

In karate there should never be a dull moment, unless we choose it to be that way. The Daruma or prophet of the Buddha said, “To fall seven times is to rise eight; life begins now”.

Rise to your goals and purposes and you will find your own way – the ‘do’ – in Karate do.

What purpose did you have when deciding that you wanted to start learning karate or become a martial artist; and how far along the path do you think you have travelled in achieving that purpose?

Feel free to add your comments below and help contribute to someone else in Brisbane that may be thinking about starting karate or already be training with us at Brisbane Goju Karate.  We are taught to gain knowledge but we inherently gain the responsibility to pass that knowledge on.

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